New Year’s Resolutions

New year’s resolutions have been practiced for as long as we can remember. It’s not only a custom found in the western world but pretty much observed in several areas around the world.

At the dawn of the new year, one can decide to start a specific action or to take on a challenge … These decisions usually require a lot of motivation, personal belied and discipline.

The challenge can be as little as drinking water as soon as you wake up in the morning, to challenging oneself to get in shape for the next marathon.

Challenges usually seem feasible but with time they can become emotionally or physically draining as even the easiest thing to do require some level of energy to succeed.

Therefore, we can sometimes get side lined when one of these conditions is missing.

In the past I’ve struggled a lot with this. For instance, 10 years ago, I challenged myself to read the bible from beginning to end in 1 year. In the first year, I started off strongly but as weeks and months progressed and life occurred, I found myself to not have kept up my promise to myself. However, instead of getting angry at myself or becoming discouraged for being unable to fulfil my goal, the next year I decided to try the same thing once again. Then year after year, I found myself improving until it simply became a habit to read the bible in 1 year.

The main way I was able to achieve this was by pinpointing why exactly I was unable to read the Bible in its entirety. The main reason was how complicated it would be to divide this Holy Book in order to know how much to read each year. To compensate for this, I used technology.

Technology improved a lot over time, I started reading my bible from my phone and following a specific reading plan. It’s been just a wonderful journey. With the reading app, I have been able to know where I stand all the time. If I accumulated lateness, the app will prompt me and I will put in more reading to catch up, etc.

Today, I can boastfully say I am an accomplished reader of the Bible from beginning to end. I am able to fit that within my everyday lifestyle with ease. This came about with many tries and errors and the personal will to not giving up; not to mention the help of above.

Having said that, New year’s resolutions are grand. If you decide to take up one: great. Do not waste anytime and remember to take it one day at a time!

Happy new year, again. I hope you find this helps you to decide on a new year’s resolution and go for it whole heartedly.

Please leave comment below of your achievements.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas:

Here are some new years resolutions ideas. The list is not exhaustive…

1.       Start the day with prayer and meditation

2.       Write a book

3.       Start physical exercise

4.       Eat healthy

5.       Travel

6.       Spend time with family

7.       Start investing

8.       Figure out what crypto currency is

9.       Travel more

10.   Learn a new skill

What will yours be?

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